In a nutshell, our business is helping small to mid-size business owners grow.

We cut through all the BS and get our hands dirty along side you, helping you create more meaningful relationships with your customers.

We discovered, through years of working with small business owners, that one of the key drivers in their success was the way they managed their relationships. We’ll help you grow by providing you with the tools you need to dramatically improve the relationship you have with your customers.

Other relationships, like the way you and your employees relate to one another and the relationship you have with vendors and trusted professionals are also very important, but our focus is on helping you become so engaged with your customers that you can’t help but grow.

One of the other keys to success is that very successful people have systems that actually run their business. And having these “systems” in place is what, not only let’s you grow, it’s what enables your business to become a business and not just a job.

Some of the areas we specialize in include:

  • Customer list building and management
  • Customer retention
  • Innovative SMS Text implementation and management
  • Transitional and Dynamic QR Codes which revolutionize advertising, marketing and promotions
  • Special and Promotional strategies
  • Mobilization tools and management

Mobile Site Design

1 in 7 searches are now conducted on a mobile device. Google is rewarding sites that are mobile optimized and penalizing those that aren’t. We’ll show you why you need a mobile optimized site for your business and create one for you that stays consistent with your image accoss all your branding channels.

SMS Text Services

SMS provides what email can’t, immediate access to your target audience. SMS text engages people immediately. With the “right” message your business can achieve immediate response. Your business can use SMS text to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase repeat business
  • Send special offers
  • Provide service updates
  • Drive traffic during slow periods

QR Codes

QR or 2D Barcodes are popping up everywhere these days. We have specific and proprietary strategies that utilize QR codes to accomplish unheard of opportunity for savvy business owners.

Mobile Coupons

Discount offers are particularly popular in the mobile space because they are not only “green” but can be redeemed immediately. Popular offers can go viral instantly to reach other mobile users and social media pages.

Mobile Apps

Our Custom Mobile Application Development team creates mobile apps for small business and organizations who share the common goal of increasing efficiency, saving time and money via mobile application technology.

Mobile Payments

We realize that there’s no such thing as a standard solution. From our experiences with online merchants over  the past decade, we developed a network of processing gateways supported by more than a dozen tier-one  banks,  and certified on every major processing platform. This cohesive network ensures that your online  business is not only   secure, but equipped to respond to the ever changing e-commerce environment.

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