Most Websites Aren’t Optimized For Mobile

What’s mobile optimization?  Mobile optimization is really about things: design and content.


Let’s first look at the design. Unlike computer monitors, which have only a few screen resolutions, there are literally thousands of different screen sizes and resolutions to account for all the different mobile devices that exist.

That’s just the part of the problem. Almost every single mobile device has a portrait and landscape orientation. An apple iPhone 3gs, for example, has a screen resolution of 320 pixels by 480 pixels. If you hold it vertically (portrait) that means it’s 320 pixels wide by 480 pixel high.  But turn your phone sideways (landscape) the web site all of the sudden changes dimensions! Now it’s 480 pixels wide by 320 pixel high. Wow!

So from a design perspective, you have to create a website that looks just as good if you invert the width and height. How do you do that?

Well with traditional design methods, you really can’t…. unless you want to create something that’s rather ugly.


Next let’s look at content optimizing for content. Let’s do it with an example. On the right, you’ll see our Full, PC site, the site you’re on now! However, if you go to our site on your mobile device, it will detect it, and instead send you to which looks like this:

Our mobile site is an excellent example for the following reasons…

1. It’s light on data usage – most mobile users have to pay for bandwidth and since this site has few images, fancy scripts and so forth it isn’t going to consume their data

2. It’s fast – most mobile users are on cell networks like 3g which leaves a lot to be desired as far as internet connections go. This site will load fast.

3. It takes into account that mobile users have different needs than regular computer users.

We’re all more impatient these days than we’ve ever been. Our attention span these days is shorter than it’s ever been because there are so many more stimuli out there to get it.

Mobile users are the most impatient, attention span limited internet browsers on the planet!

Mobile users tend to be, well, mobile when they check the internet from their phone