SMS Text Services

SMS Services

DoMobileConsulting will provide your business or organization with a managed SMS text campaigns. We manage everything for you to maximum the impact of SMS on your business. Included in our services:

Custom Keywords

We’ll help you develop keyword campaigns segmented by strategy, target audience or buy product or service. Doing so will provide you with a mobile responsive audience that not only subscribes to receive your content, but looks forward to the interaction.

SMS List Management

Our team will manage all of your SMS campaigns, messages and subscribers 24/7/365 via a proprietary web-based platform that you’ll have access to. Effective list management enables your business to:

  • Group and regroup subscribers to create specific compelling offers or specialized services
  • Automatically manage Opt-Outs
  • View Real Time Statistics provide daily, weekly and monthly traffic reports
  • Create Calendar-based message Schedules

What kind of impact can you expect?

Get 94% Read Rates with SMS

On average 94% of text messages are read and response rates are as high as 15% compared with only 1% for print ads and emails

Instant Reach with SMS

Since 80% of consumers keep their mobile phones with them throughout the day, SMS text messages reach your prospective customers instantly-anytime, anywhere. Many business owners start receiving SMS subscribers

Instant Redemption with SMS

Your prospects can redeem coupons and offers immediately even while they wait to check out or while they are shopping at your location. Web-based merchants can obtain instant redemptions via splash promotions.

Viral Marketing with SMS

Unlike other forms of advertising, even email marketing, SMS marketing is viral. In fact, 24% of all txt messages are forwarded to others including family and friends.

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