Dental Practice

A dental practice that schedules 35 appointments a day at an average of $95 per visit was able to reduce the number of patient no shows from 5 to 1 via their SMS appointment reminder system, increasing the practice’s revenues by nearly $8,000 per month ($96,000 per year).

Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist uses SMS to remind patients of upcoming appointments, but also compliments their email newsletter with SMS text messages intriducing new products and call to action incentives.

Italian Family Restaurant

An Italian Family Restaurant signed up over 250 customers in their first month by placing a keyword and shortcode in their local advertisement offering a free 10″ piazza for joining their mobile VIP program.

Small Hotel

A small hotel in New England was able to increase their booking via their mobile optimized site which features a click to call button, one-click directions and a 10% discount.